Possibly since secondary school, I was the one helping everybody around with any technical issues, I knew how things worked because I always stayed up-to-date with different technologies, shared them with others or just did research to find a way of using things or some of their hidden features - I loved it!

I started it all to help others to understand how to work with technologies but after spending more time on the internet I realized that I am a great fit to be a UX designer and I am here to make it easy for users to use any product!

People that know me describe me as a positive, creative, and a reliable human. I'd add that I'm curious, easy-going and persistent. I'm a problem solver who can make difficult stuff very simple (jokes aside, I was an English teacher abroad for 6 years!).

Understanding people, having empathy for the issues they face, and assisting them in finding solutions through intuitive design and intelligent engagement are my driving forces.


"I may not know everything, but I am willing to learn, tell me how I can improve, I am always open to any feedback".
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