About us
"Since I was a little kid I have always loved taking photos, watching others do it or model for my older cousin. She taught me lots of basic photography rules and when I got older I decided to learn more.

Traveling and meeting other people interested in photography and videography made me change my life and start taking photos of other people. "
"I went traveling in 2014 and the difference of cultures made me want to remember each step of my travels as well as share it with my loved ones - so I think that is how my love to photos was born in my soul - traveling inspired me.

Then I met Alex and she showed me a whole different side of photography so now I learn new things every day."
We are just two girls that are always happy to meet interesting people
• Koda and Alex both love animals

• Alex can't live more than an hour without drinking water

• Koda is obsessed with our rescue dog

• Alex loves learning computer stuff by that we mean she's into web design, videography and she never minds to learn more

• Koda is the coolest shuffle dancer and used to dance for hours in Germany

• Alex can speak English, Russian, Chinese and a bit of Spanish, Portuguese and German

• Koda wouldn't mind a cup of coffee after 10 pm and she makes the best veggie burgers

• We once became insta famous with this video on the right