The process
As it was a testing assignment, I was the only one doing all the research and design itself.
The challenge
I needed to change an overview page as well as a bookings page trying to stick to the current style but making the current dashboard more intuitive and easy for users.
Why StayKoook?
StayKoook is the company that gave me a test assignment and I have done quite a bit of work on it so I decided why not share it on my website too because I have done some research on making their overview page more user-friendly.
How I went about it
To make the an overview page and a bookings page more accessible and to add a few more features like different KPI's, tasks to be done, messaging and more.
In the very beginning, I started with checking different types of KPI's.

Then, I checked hospitality KPI's

After that I thought of what other types of KPI's I could think of.
KPI courses - for example 67% completed in the last 4 months and a employee will get a bonus at 100%.
KPI social media - how many times it was mentioned.
I also checked some dashboard ideas on Dribbble

My next step was checking current screens for accessibility and I realized some colors do not seem to be very accessible.

Then, I decided to create the copy of the current design but making it more accessible, tweaking the colors and the font sizes and changing a header a bit by adding a couple more features to it.

The result could be seen in the prototype.
The goal

Thank you for your time reviewing my work for StayKoook dashboard! If you'd like to see more or get in touch, my contact information is provided below.

Thank you!